Tiny houses, reclaimed or recycled materials, and energy efficiency – what’s not to love? If you subscribe to our blog, you know we’re fans of small, efficient housing. We’ve covered a few different examples of tiny or micro-designs over the years, and now we’re smitten with Jeff’s eco-friendly tiny homes.

Like most cool inventions and designs, the first of Jeff’s tiny houses originated from necessity. He and his wife purchased a beautiful piece of land in North Carolina back in 2003. The plan was to camp out on the property in a tent while they built their 1400 square foot house. Unfortunately (or fortunately, as the story turns out…), rainfall was a little heavier than expected and tent camping became unbearable.

Jeff's Tiny House

Jeff’s Tiny Green House Exterior

Jeff built a 64-square foot solar home to keep him and his wife warm and dry. The interior has room for a queen bed and a marine toilet. Passive solar design techniques and an airtight envelope ensures it remains comfortable year-round. He added a small, outdoor kitchen as well. Jeff used recycled, reclaimed, and scrap materials. That, combined with the fact that he built it himself, kept costs down to just about $1,500. He expects it could be built for less than $10,000 if you had to pay for materials and labor.

jeff's solar home

Jeff’s Solar Home

Eventually, Jeff decided they could use another tiny house on the property, predominantly to house equipment, tools and to provide a greenhouse for starter plants. The project commenced when he picked up a pallet of scrapped windows at $3.00 a piece.

Jeff's Tiny House

Jeff’s Tiny Green House

The result is an even more stunning tiny cabin-slash-greenhouse. It’s slightly larger than the original tiny house, with room for a kitchen, work area, storage and a bunk. The exterior has a carport for the riding lawn mower and an efficient tool storage closet. Way to go, Jeff! We love to see how creative people can solve problems while keeping efficiency and aesthetics at the forefront. Do you have a few tiny projects kicking around in that imagination of yours? Contact us at Leslie Saul Associates Architecture and Interiors. We would love to help you design and build them.