Have You Noticed?

Have You Noticed?

That shadows in the deep snow look bright blue, but shadows in the deep ocean look dark gray/green/purple?

shadows in the snow

Source: Dave Young / Flickr

Shadows in the Ocean

Source: Fraser Mummery / Flickr

Sand (from the city plows) and carbon black (from the exhaust of cars and trucks) make the snow along city streets and highways turn a yucky brown/black, but have you noticed that the fresh snow seems even whiter by comparison?

City Snow

Source: Kenudigit / Flickr

60 degrees in Miami in February brings out the winter coats, but 60 degrees in Boston in February lets people take their coats off?

Winter in Miami

Source: Shutterstock.com

warm boston

Source: Noukka Signe / Flickr

What have you noticed today?
Looking on the bright side,

Leslie Saul & Associates¬†are designers in Miami and Boston who love to draw design inspiration from nature. Follow our blog for more installations of “Have You Noticed?” and let us know some of the beautiful observations you’ve made too.

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  1. I never had noticed the light and colors as you describe them here. Thanks! Now I will see the world around me differently. It’s a better kind of different.

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