As one of the architectural capitals of the US, Massachusetts has established itself as a well-known metropolis for Modernist Architecture. Housing Harvard University’s famous School of Design, many renowned and historical figures of the architect world have made their mark on Massachusetts’ architecture industry, especially in Cambridge.

Modernist Architecture arose with the help of a man named Walter Gropius, a famed architect from Germany who took over Harvard’s Department of Architecture in the late 1930s. Upon his arrival, he sought to bring new ideas and a new means of creativity in order to implement a better society for everyone. Gropius’ specialty in architecture allowed him to form new partnerships and thus, he developed a new process of architectural development through the notion of collaborating.  Developing new ideas for buildings with the help of multiple opinions proved successful in their projects, and they went on to work all around the US but heavily in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Since then, modern architecture has been popping up all around the city growing its reputation as a hotspot for eclectic structures and strong talent. A large portion of Harvard University’s campus is known for its complexity, along with MIT’s campus housing the Stata Center, Architect’s corner of 3 buildings designed by different architects, the Carpenter Center designed by Le Corbusier, and The Gutman Library.

As one of the country’s capitals of architecture, it’s no surprise that some of the most talented architects in the country flock to Cambridge, Massachusetts. MIT and Harvard, alone, are among the most prestigious universities in the world shaping the competition for architecture. Nowadays, a simple walk down the street can spike an architect’s creativity.

As innovative ideas continue to flourish, it will be amazing to see what beautiful structures Cambridge’s best candidates and continue to create. Hopefully, the creative process will continue to follow Gropius’ lead in partnering up with other great minds to build a better society for people to live in.

BOSTON - MAY 30: Ray and Maria Stata Center on the campus of MIT May 30 2014 in Boston MA. The academic complex was designed by Pritzker Prize-winning architect Frank Gehry.