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In Honor of the Chinese New Year, Let's Talk Feng Shui

In honor of the Chinese New Year, we wanted to highlight how feng shui principles can affect architecture and interior design. This ancient way of thinking about how the location, orientation, and design of our living spaces affects life energy has existed for thousands of years. The idea is that our Qi, or life force, […]

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Once Again the Boomers are Calling the Shots

Wondering how urban development will change over the next several decades? Just ask your nearest Baby Boomer. Since 10,000 American adults turn 65 every day, we foresee Baby Boomers being the ones to call the shots in the way urban areas are updated and designed. In his article, Golden Years, Ben Ikenson describes the way […]

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Remembering Muriel Siebert: The First Lady of Wall Street

On August 24, 2013, a vibrant flame was damped when Muriel Siebert passed away at the age of 80. We say “damped” because her flame can never be entirely extinguished. She is a pioneer and inspiration to women professionals. Muriel Siebert founded the nationally renowned brokerage Muriel Siebert & Co., and in 1967 she became […]

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Old Building Materials Made New

Forget about a green design with a carbon neutral footprint; you can achieve a negative carbon footprint by using innovative building materials. Negative carbon footprints occur when the CO2 stored in building materials exceeds the CO used to manufacture them. So, what are these innovative building materials? Seaweed and wood! Seaweed was a common building […]

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