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Don't Let Your Fence Be a Barrier to Your Style

Residential and commercial design doesn’t stop at the exterior walls. It continues (or should continue) through your landscape design, which includes fences or property boundaries. Make sure your fences enhance, rather than detract from, your overall design. Use Fence Styles That Complement Your Architectural Design When you’re ready to design – or replace – your […]

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Innovation Moves Past Institutionalization in Senior Living Facilities

Do you equate senior living facilities with institutions? If so, we don’t blame you. Until the last decade or so, the majority of senior living facilities were just that – especially for the middle- and lower-middle classes. Now, however, design trends are decidedly moving in an upward and positive direction. 5 Trends That Are Shaping […]

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What Makes A Space Sacred?

We’ve written before about important tenets of designing sacred spaces. From sacred geometry to rounded architecture and even lighting design, there are some fundamental architectural features that enhance a structure’s feeling of sacredness, and can thereby connect a visitor with the sacred within him or herself. However, we can’t help but wonder: what really makes […]

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Designing Trends Throughout The Decades

Architectural trends, like fashion, come and go throughout the ages. Just as skinny jeans and shimmery makeup populate the runway nowadays, modern and mid-century architecture and design was re-popularized last decade and now gold fixtures and finishes (remember the 90s?) are showing up again too. When design trends are recycled, they blend favorite ideas from […]

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Egress: Do You Know How to Safely Exit Your Workplace?

Are you one of those people who reads a magazine as the flight attendant gives the safety spiel for the 100th time? Do you even glance at the emergency exit route maps posted on hotel doors? It’s easy to keep the “It won’t happen to me” attitude, until it’s happening. Then, you’ll wish with all […]

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Is There a Correlation Between Office Design and Job Satisfaction?

An article in the small business section of outlines the factors influencing the social environment in an organization:  job satisfaction, teamwork, politics and conflict. What it doesn’t mention is that office design can have a significant effect on the way each of those factors plays out. The Undeniable Link Between Work Efficiency and Office […]

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Talented Master Craftsman: Joseph Walsh

Sometimes there are no words to describe feelings conjured by a piece of art or architecture. Such is the case when viewing pieces by master craftsman Joseph Walsh. Perhaps equally stunning is the fact that Walsh is almost entirely self-taught, lending his works an unfettered and unfiltered edge when compared with his contemporaries. Regardless, Walsh’s […]

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Textile Homes Designed by Frank Lloyd Wright

Frank Lloyd Wright was an iconic artist, architect and interior designer but, above all that, he had a practical and humorous nature that belies that grandeur often placed on those with his level of public stature. Consider this quote of his, regarding his interest in exploring the use of concrete blocks to create four, famous, textile […]

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Rotating Architecture Home Trends by Next Office

Turntables and other rotating structural features have been used to increase efficiency since the wheel’s invention. Consider the lazy Susan for large family dining scenarios, rotating shelves in less-accessible corner kitchen cabinets or the railroad and car turntables that improve a vehicle’s ability to enter, turn and exit small areas. Now, similar technology – implemented […]

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A Look at Student-Focused Design in Educational Spaces

Imagine the typical university classroom and what do you see in your mind’s eye? Odds are that while rooms may be more colorful – or chalkboards have given to smart screens – there are still rows of small desks and hard-surfaced chairs. In other words, academic classrooms really haven’t changed all that much in the […]

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