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Fireplace Logs Made from Everything but Wood

Boston apartment and condo dwellers often search for units with a fireplace only to realize that the joy of sitting by a roaring fire is often overshadowed by the search for firewood. If schlepping wood is just not for you, we have some great alternative solutions. These “logs” are a hip take on the real […]

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Renovating a Boston Landmark

The Commercial Wharf building in Boston’s historic North End is a beloved Boston landmark. The building was originally designed and built by Boston Architect Isiah Rogers in the early 1830s. Commercial Wharf was built in 1832 as a warehouse facility for ships traveling between Massachusetts and the Far East. Back in the day the docks […]

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An Important Message about Alzheimers

Leslie Saul & Associates often works on the design of senior care facilities throughout the United States. Therefore, we are keenly aware of the needs and challenges associated with creating spaces where people suffering from Alzheimers can live beautifully and safely. We are currently working on a project for The Cambridge Homes a senior living […]

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Corporate Dining Doesn't have to Feel Corporate

If you need to spend 40+ hours a week somewhere shouldn’t it be great? We all spend quite a bit of time at our offices so it is imperative that these spaces are lively, comfortable an welcoming. These corporate lunch rooms and dining created by Leslie Saul & Associates go a long way in creating […]

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A Modern Renovation

Working with historic buildings represents many challenges, but imagine working designing a medical office within one of the oldest buildings in Ueberlingen, Germany? The building was built in 1601 and the architects were confined to keeping the façade, beams and columns unchanged. Yes, we said 1601. Let’s face it –  when it comes to buildings […]

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Cool and Contemporary Parking Garages

There used to be a clear “pecking order” to desirable projects for architects. The premier jobs were grand civic projects such as museums and concert halls. Next in line were choice projects such as hotels and corporate headquarters. Last on the list were the utilitarian structures like parking garages. So when did things flip-flop, and […]

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Steven Jobs Influence Touched us All

We wanted to share this editorial by Steven Revkin from the New York Times reflecting on the wisdom and influence of Steven Jobs: If you’re not among the 6 million or so people who’ve listened to or read Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement speech at Stanford University — a year after he was diagnosed with cancer […]

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The University of Maryland Wins Solar Decathlon

The 2011 Solar Decathlon wrapped up this past weekend and the University of Maryland’s WaterShed was named the overall winner of the competition. The team’s home was inspired by the eco-system of Maryland’s Chesapeake Bay. The team designed the home to be a model demonstrating how buildings can help preserve watersheds by managing storm water, […]

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Home Plate

We need to preface this post with an apology to all our readers who are Red Sox fans. It does seem a bit cruel to write about a restaurant called Home Plate this week.  However, Red Sox fans are a resilient bunch and we Bostonians still have the Pats! We had a great time working […]

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The 2011 Solar Decathlon – Photos from the Front Lines

Washington, DC is humming with the positive energy of 100s of college students participating in the 2011 Solar Decathlon. Leslie was fortunate to be in DC for a CREW convention and took some great photos of the energy efficient homes being built on the National Mall’s West Potomac Park. The homes will be displayed through […]

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