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Work Space Design: Choosing Amenities to Keep Your Employees Happy

On average, Americans will spend one-third of their lives working their days away in the office. That’s a lot of time to be stuck at a desk, and companies such as Google have taken steps to make that time a little more enjoyable. To ease the stresses of the day, Google has gone over the […]

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An Acoustic Evaluation of Open Floor Plans

There are advantages to the open floor plan for home and work spaces, but there are also a hefty dose of disadvantages that become increasingly apparent as the trend is starting to die down. The most notable downside being the amount of noise¬†that comes with an open floor plan, and how that noise can really […]

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Difference Between Luxe and Essential in Apartment Bathroom Design

Most clients interested in an apartment bathroom remodel approach the table with space – or lack thereof – at the forefront. They often feel like a small apartment space means they can’t achieve the luxurious aesthetic trending in spa-like bathrooms for residential home designs. In fact, by applying professional bathroom design tips, you can forego […]

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Guest Post: A Response to LED Lighting in Religious Settings

We recently posted an article on the importance of lighting design in places of worship, pointing out that lighting in these spaces must attend to several goals, not the least of which are safety, task/utility, ambiance and energy efficiency. We’re posting a response to that article by lighting designer Carrie Slife. Carrie works for Sladen […]

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The Importance of Lighting Design in Places of Worship

Thoughtful lighting plans should be a foundation of any design, but they play a particularly important role when it comes to designing places of worship. The physical building plays multiple roles for a spiritual or religious community.¬† For this reason, the lighting plan is a critical part of how the building functions. Take a Holistic […]

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Hi-Tech Play Rooms Vs. Low-Tech Playrooms

High-tech playroom design may seem like the best thing for your child, but studies show that too much screen time is not a good idea. While it’s true we live in an era when technology is a driving force, it’s also true that we need to seriously evaluate how technology alters the way our children […]

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