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Have You Noticed?

Have You Noticed? That shadows in the deep snow look bright blue, but shadows in the deep ocean look dark gray/green/purple? Sand (from the city plows) and carbon black (from the exhaust of cars and trucks) make the snow along city streets and highways turn a yucky brown/black, but have you noticed that the fresh […]

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Art in Action: Beautiful Sand and Snow Sculptures

Did you attend Boston First Night? If so, you’ll remember that it rained quite a bit, and was so warm that the public worried that the celebrated ice sculpture artists wouldn’t be able to carve the ice at all, or that the resulting sculptures wouldn’t last. Fortunately, the temperatures dropped low enough that the 2015 […]

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Boston's 2024 Olympic Proposal Bid May Be a Blessing in Disguise

The recent public announcement regarding Boston’s 2024 Olympic Bid has unleashed a host of sentiments on both sides of the spectrum. While some property and business owners feel left out of the decision-making, leaving them vulnerable to a forced relocation, others see the bid proposal as an opportunity for a much-needed facelift in a less-than-desirable […]

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Modern Office Designs: Cubicles vs. Open Offices

What’s your idea of modern office design? Do you picture an office with wide open spaces and colorful bean bags? Do you like the idea of a few cubicles or walled offices here and there with plenty of additional communal space? Or, do you shake your head at the newfangled workplace, mourning the days of […]

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Jeff's Eco-Friendly Tiny Homes

Tiny houses, reclaimed or recycled materials, and energy efficiency – what’s not to love? If you subscribe to our blog, you know we’re fans of small, efficient housing. We’ve covered a few different examples of tiny or micro-designs over the years, and now we’re smitten with Jeff’s eco-friendly tiny homes. Like most cool inventions and designs, the first […]

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Who Has the Coolest Office Space: Google or Facebook?

Given a choice between Google or Facebook, where would you want to work? Before you answer that, you may want to take a look into the digs of two of the most highly sought after employers in the country.We’re pretty sure the office spaces – and all the perks that go along with them – […]

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A Look at The Playhouse Real Estate Market

Perhaps our first experience with architecture and design revolve around the iconic tree house or playhouse. It is in these magical hideaways that we began to think for ourselves, evaluate the world around us or escape into imaginative fantasy lands. Designing spaces for children requires adults to reconnect with that often dormant part of themselves […]

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How Do You Include Creativity in Your Busy Life?

Busy lifestyles prevent us from making time for creative or playful outlets but it’s often a challenge to actually do something about it. Here are a few big Ideas from our friend Rochelle Seltzer to give your heart and soul a chance to speak up. Take short breaks. You don’t have to take a 30 minute […]

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Who Knew Archaeology was so Exciting?

Who knew archaeology was so exciting? Perhaps our first clue was back in 1981 when we watched Raiders of the Lost Ark, but we digress… While Harrison Ford brought a certain panache to the field of archaeology, it’s still considered a relatively dry subject. However, present day happenings are making it a little more exciting […]

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What Makes Good Design for Films and the Real World?

Architecture and design comes in all forms from commercial and industrial applications to private homes and landscapes. One of the least celebrated, but important to our modern movie culture, is the type of design involved in making a celebrated film production. The set of a film is designed to draw the viewers into the screen, suspending […]

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