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In Honor of the Chinese New Year, Let's Talk Feng Shui

In honor of the Chinese New Year, we wanted to highlight how feng shui principles can affect architecture and interior design. This ancient way of thinking about how the location, orientation, and design of our living spaces affects life energy has existed for thousands of years. The idea is that our Qi, or life force, […]

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Digital to Real Life: Architects that Design and Build

The technology era has brought a different type of architect to the forefront of the design world: computer architects. These days, architects in Boston have the ability to work in both the real or the virtual world. To explore the difference in what these different types of architects do, we thought we would take a […]

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Gifts for People Who Love Architecture

The holiday season is almost upon us, which means busy shoppers are searching for “just right” gift list items for their loved ones. If you have any architecture buffs in your family, we have some gift ideas they are sure to love. Legos for the little tykes. Legos make a wonderful gift for children small […]

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Where Would the Kid in You Love to Live?

What better time of year to get in touch with your inner-child than Halloween, when we get to relive our childhood and live in the magic of “pretend.” So, let’s participate in the magic of childhood for a moment, and envision our dream homes as we would have back then. Perhaps one of these homes […]

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What is Organic Architecture?

Some people prefer the traditional architecture of a Victorian bungalow, and some people prefer the ultra modern architecture of a glass house. But one type of architecture bridges both styles. It is called organic architecture. Inspired by nature, it can feel warm and cozy, and it can feel modern. The term organic architecture was actually […]

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Who Will Print It First? The Race to Print the First 3D Building

In February, we featured a post about a 3-D printed building that could make lunar living a possibility. The latest news regarding innovative architecture says we might have a 3-D building printed for use here on earth in 2014. The race is on, and we wonder who will be the first to print a functional […]

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Is There Ever a Space That is Too Small?

Prior to the housing crisis, home designs were trending larger, and like any trend, after the recession hit, we began to see the trend turn in the favor of smaller sizes.  Now, in an effort to build affordably and to leave a smaller footprint – both literally and figuratively – some are consciously scaling down […]

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Restaurant Design: Combining Diversity, Nature and Delectables

Restaurant owners often believe their restaurant design should be upscale to attract a crowd. However, with the right location and an open mind, you can create designs with enough diversity and character to attract foodies galore. The following Boston and Miami restaurants exemplify how creative design will win over “swank” any day. Beach and Harbor […]

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The New Sketchbooks: Architecture Apps

Until recently, meeting with clients met bringing sketchpad, pencils, erasers, and other architectural design toys to draw as the client and/or architect(s) brainstorm. Now, architecture apps have reinvented the wheel, making it easy to create and share ideas/plans with nary a traditional sketchpad in sight. Here are some of our favorite apps. Sketchbook Mobile. One […]

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20/20 Campaign Ends With Candlepin

Leslie Saul & Associates celebrated the end of a successful 20/20 Campaign with a celebration at Sacco’s Bowl Haven in Somerville.    LS&A ran a campaign through the LS&A blog and Facebook page to help celebrate 20 years of sharing their vision of good design at work by asking friends and associates for $20 donations to […]

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