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Bringing Accessible Design to Injured Boston Marathon Victims

Just a year after the Boston Marathon tragedy there are so many different forms of healing taking place here in Boston. One of the most profound examples of this is the way the Boston Survivors Accessibility Alliance has mobilized to renovate the homes of those who have been permanently injured and whose mobility is compromised […]

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Art and Alzheimer's: Giving Dementia Patients Therapy Through Art

Art therapy has been used with great success in several populations, however the most surprising one could be patients with progressed Alzheimer’s and dementia. It may seem counter-intuitive to think seniors who have trouble remembering loved ones or meaningful memories would be stimulated by art but, says Michal Herz of EMDA, the Alzheimer’s Association of […]

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Looking Back on Our Non-Profit Design Projects

Amidst the excitement of the holidays, we enjoy taking time to contemplate the years behind us. This year, Leslie Saul & Associates Architecture and Interiors would like to revisit our work on non-profit design projects. These projects are a way to give back to our Boston community as well as the world at large. Ronald […]

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Canstruction Boston: Building and Feeding the Community

There are many ways to give back to the community through design. We have talked before about some examples such as the FOUNDhouse project or creating affordable social housing for our senior population. Another example, right here in our own community, involves a very unique type of Boston architecture and it’s called Canstruction Boston. The […]

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Do Nice Companies Finish First?

Peter Shankman is a successful entrepreneur and business owner. He started out as the news page editor on, and has since owned several successful companies. He attributes his success to the fact that he has always prioritized running a “nice” business. He recently wrote a book called, Nice Companies Finish First: Why Cutthroat Management […]

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Lets Celebrate Our Winners …

In honor of our 20th birthday, Leslie Saul and Associates Architecture and Interiors recently hosted a fundraiser for the United Way.   We are happy and grateful to have so many contributions made in our honor. Thank you for helping us raise over $5,000 for United Way! We wanted to take a moment to congratulate our […]

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$20/20years LS&A Campaign Celebration Video


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Happy Occasions Are A Great Way To Give Back

Thanks to Betsy Kravitz for helping LS&A reach our goal and celebrating our 20th anniversary! “I was thrilled to be asked to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Leslie Saul and Associates by donating to United Way. I have been volunteering for 18 years at a shelter for homeless women and children supported by United Way; […]

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United Way for Healthy Child Development

How many times have you heard the phrase, “The children are our future”? If your answer is “hundreds”, well there’s a reason for that…it’s true! It’s also the reason organizations like United Way exist, funding a number of different programs to help the youth in our communities make the most of their potential and go […]

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United Way: Empowering Families

One of the things we love about United Way is their dedication to the development of families. The organization provides aid and funding to a number of different community programs, like Housing First, which helps support families that have lost their homes. Victor was the father of one such family. Having lost his home, he had […]

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