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What Does That Mean?! Finally, A Guide to BS Jargon

It seems every industry is laden with acronyms and jargon. This makes it difficult for anyone outside the industry to feel completely at ease. We have done a couple of posts explaining architectural terms that may not be familiar to the non-architects in the world. For example, we’ve explained the role of pendentives and have […]

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Garbage, An Efficient Fuel Source?

As architects dedicated to green design, we’re also attracted to all things sustainable. We recently posted an article about how bacteria may be the next green fuel source. Now, we’re excited to introduce another potential renewable energy source – your garbage. Let’s face it, nobody loves a landfill. Those of us who try to recycle, […]

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Bricks: The Evolution of the World's Building Blocks

Bricks are a staple construction material the world over. The first bricks were made using clay and/or whatever dirt was available, forming the materials into the desired shape and size, and then drying or “baking” them in the sun. Today, most western bricks are made from a combination of clay and shale, which is shaped […]

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2013 Conventions: ABX & Greenbuild

There were two major conventions those of us in architecture and construction paid attention to recently. The first was the Architecture Boston Expo (ABX), held back in October, the second was the Greenbuild Expo, held in November. Both offered a wealth of information, education and inspiration for the design-build industries, but they do it in […]

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Affordable Net-Zero Energy Homes?!

Does the term “affordable net-zero energy home” seem like an oxymoron to you? Don’t be afraid to be green! One of the drawbacks to green design is that it can be more costly than traditional design and build methods. Fortunately, we know that the payback time for green initiatives is getting shorter and shorter as technology […]

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Will Bacteria be the Fuel of the Future?

Bacteria used to be a bad word. Antibiotics and anti-bacterial soaps and cleansers were celebrated as a way to get rid of these so-called harmful life forms. Fortunately, the tide is turning as health experts have discovered that good bacteria are vital for digestion, preventing infection, and keeping the microflora of our bodies in check. […]

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Expand the Inside…Out: Angled, Box & Modern Bay Windows

As architects, it’s our job to design homes with multiple goals in mind, including aesthetics, function, and energy efficiency. Window design is one facet of the process in which all three come into play. Bay windows allow homeowners to add a beautiful exterior and interior aesthetic, while gaining interior square footage and enhancing daylighting, which […]

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How Far Do We Really Need to Plan Ahead?

As architects, we are always trying to balance prescient factors, while anticipating what will be needed in the future. This is a tricky line to hold onto. We often wonder; is it a good thing or a bad thing to always be planning ahead? Like all of the big questions in life, love, and career, […]

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The Truth about Greenwashing

Trying hard to build a green design project, with the intention of leaving a smaller footprint? Make sure you read the fine print and do your homework, because it seems not everything is as it appears on the labels. We rely on product names, logos, and descriptions to tell us whether a product is “green”, […]

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The 2013 AIA COTE Awards

Each year, the American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment (AIA COTE) announces its awards for newly constructed buildings exemplifying a holistic approach to green design. Their criteria include technology, innovation, and the ability to blend with the surrounding community. Here are some of our favorites from the Top 10 List. The Yin Yang House. […]

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