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Talented Master Craftsman: Joseph Walsh

Sometimes there are no words to describe feelings conjured by a piece of art or architecture. Such is the case when viewing pieces by master craftsman Joseph Walsh. Perhaps equally stunning is the fact that Walsh is almost entirely self-taught, lending his works an unfettered and unfiltered edge when compared with his contemporaries. Regardless, Walsh’s […]

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A Look Into the Rise of Microhouses and Modular Guest Houses

Tiny houses and space-efficient floor plans are a penchant of ours. How can you not love them – they’re clever, affordable, space-saving, eco-friendly – need we go on? With the costs of real estate and construction on the rise, micro-housing offers a unique guest house design idea. Looking For Unique Guest House Design Ideas? Consider […]

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Guest Post: A Response to LED Lighting in Religious Settings

We recently posted an article on the importance of lighting design in places of worship, pointing out that lighting in these spaces must attend to several goals, not the least of which are safety, task/utility, ambiance and energy efficiency. We’re posting a response to that article by lighting designer Carrie Slife. Carrie works for Sladen […]

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Pulitzer Prize Winners in Architecture & Ecology Evoke Civic Passion

Humans are fueled by passion, and how wonderful it is when those passions drive them into careers that do good for communities and the world-at-large. Such is the case with an architecture critic and an author who have leveraged their passions to create works worthy of a Pulitzer Prize. What Do a Pulitzer Prize-winning Architecture […]

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When Should You Call in a Structural Engineer?

Structural engineers play a vital role in the preliminary design and building stages of private home and commercial construction. However, they’re also necessary in multiple situations that crop up long after your home or business is complete. Input from a structural engineer will ensure remodeling, renovation, or post-damage repair projects are completed as safely and […]

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Spotlight on Women Architects: Nicole Dosso and Zaha Hadid

Legendary female architects like Denise Scott Brown are commended for their steadfast efforts at paving the way for future generations as well as their lasting impressions on modern architecture and design. Today, we’re focusing the spotlight on two current female architects who are renowned for their abilities, even though their styles are very different. Zaha […]

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Remembering Muriel Siebert: The First Lady of Wall Street

On August 24, 2013, a vibrant flame was damped when Muriel Siebert passed away at the age of 80. We say “damped” because her flame can never be entirely extinguished. She is a pioneer and inspiration to women professionals. Muriel Siebert founded the nationally renowned brokerage Muriel Siebert & Co., and in 1967 she became […]

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We're Not All Men: The Next Step for Women Architects

The name of our firm is Leslie Saul & Associates Architecture and Interiors. Every once in a while, we receive mail addressed to Mr. Saul. This is interesting, considering there is no Mr. Saul here. Leslie Saul is decidedly female. It highlights a common misconception; architects are male. Even in the “modern era,” female architects and […]

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Architecture Firm Makes the Creative Process a Public Collaboration

The best architects are those who collaborate with their clients to understand the “why” of the project before they jump in to the “what” of the project. They explain what they do and how they do it. They help clients manage their expectations and push them gently to become fellow visionaries. That’s how we do […]

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Artist Melds Architecture, Installation Art and Play

Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam is an artist well known for her stunning crocheted installation artworks. We love her use of color, texture and architectural design, so we were excited to see this interview with the artist featured in HuffPo’s Arts & Culture section recently. One of MacAdam’s most famous pieces is the “Woods of Net” pavilion […]

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