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Commercial Carpet Considerations: Don't Sacrifice Design for Durability

What images do the words commercial carpet conjure for you? Odds are, you envision a low-pile, “serviceable” carpet without a whole lot of style. This is a shame because, while it’s true that commercial carpet must stand up to high traffic volume, there is no reason why commercial carpet design shouldn’t rival its residential counterpart […]

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Furniture and a Source of Energy Too?!

There is an noteworthy relationship between new technology and architectural design. It’s one we’ve commented on before regarding workplace and academic design, among others. Now, take a look at how modern furniture designers are trying to design furniture for the 21st century. Here are three different tables, all of which either harness and/or distribute energy […]

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MOOCs: Education for All Learners

Online learning is becoming the norm for many who desire to continue an education. In response to this shift, Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) have taken virtual learning a step further. If you have the time, desire and internet access, you can take free online classes through some of the world’s most prestigious universities and […]

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How Algae and Solar Panels Help Shade the Interior Space

Mother Earth does a pretty amazing job at creating net-zero energy systems. As the green design momentum continues, modern-day innovators are taking their queues from nature, learning how to better replicate her systems, which will result in a healthier existence for all of us. We have focused on some of these innovations before, such as […]

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Do All New Technologies Seem Like Magic?

Remember watching futuristic movies with video calls? We wondered: Would that really come to pass? It seemed like magic. Now, Google hangouts and Skype calls are an everyday phenomena. What seems like magic at first, becomes commonplace once it’s a part of our day-to-day lives. We’ve come across two new technologies that do feel as […]

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Art and Alzheimer's: Giving Dementia Patients Therapy Through Art

Art therapy has been used with great success in several populations, however the most surprising one could be patients with progressed Alzheimer’s and dementia. It may seem counter-intuitive to think seniors who have trouble remembering loved ones or meaningful memories would be stimulated by art but, says Michal Herz of EMDA, the Alzheimer’s Association of […]

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Sound Check: Acoustical Insulation

Sustainable urban developments are dependent upon efficient, functional, and smaller multi-family living spaces. While many people love the idea of living in a pedestrian friendly downtown, they balk when they consider being surrounded by the noise created in urban settings. Acoustical insulation is the solution to maintaining the peace and tranquility provided by rural living, […]

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Bricks: The Evolution of the World's Building Blocks

Bricks are a staple construction material the world over. The first bricks were made using clay and/or whatever dirt was available, forming the materials into the desired shape and size, and then drying or “baking” them in the sun. Today, most western bricks are made from a combination of clay and shale, which is shaped […]

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Gifts for People Who Love Architecture

The holiday season is almost upon us, which means busy shoppers are searching for “just right” gift list items for their loved ones. If you have any architecture buffs in your family, we have some gift ideas they are sure to love. Legos for the little tykes. Legos make a wonderful gift for children small […]

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Product Designers and Design for the Blind

As an architectural firm specializing in universal design, LS&A was delighted to see this feature on the Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) website about an accessible design for the blind. However, rather than a building, the Bradley is a tactile wristwatch. It was named for the man who inspired it, Paralympic swimmer Bradley Snyder, a […]

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