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From Private Home to Public Museum

There is something intriguing about private homes that become public museums. They allow the opportunity to travel back in time, viewing life as others lived it. Two examples of historical architecture that have been preserved as public museums are the Jackson Homestead and Museum in Newton, MA and the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami. […]

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The Art of Play: Daycare and Youth Facility Design

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” but what happens when Jack has all play and no work? That was our experience while designing spaces for children at the Dedham Health and Athletic Complex. Our design incorporated lots of color, an emphasis on Disney-inspired decor and – our favorite part – super […]

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What Does That Mean?! Finally, A Guide to BS Jargon

It seems every industry is laden with acronyms and jargon. This makes it difficult for anyone outside the industry to feel completely at ease. We have done a couple of posts explaining architectural terms that may not be familiar to the non-architects in the world. For example, we’ve explained the role of pendentives and have […]

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Book Less Libraries in the Future?

It was bound to happen; as digital books become the norm, libraries must re-think their role and their design. Bexar County’s BiblioTech, located in San Antonio, is the nation’s first library to go 100% book-less. Other communities have tried to make the shift but have been met with strong resistance. However, it’s only a matter […]

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2013 Conventions: ABX & Greenbuild

There were two major conventions those of us in architecture and construction paid attention to recently. The first was the Architecture Boston Expo (ABX), held back in October, the second was the Greenbuild Expo, held in November. Both offered a wealth of information, education and inspiration for the design-build industries, but they do it in […]

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No Ordinary Library: The Louis Kahn Library at Phillips Exeter Academy

Every once in a while, the real estate world is abuzz when a house designed by a famous architect comes on the market. Such was the case a year ago when Louis Kahn’s Norman Fisher House was for sale. Perhaps one of the most interesting design features in this very modern home was a most traditional […]

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The 2013 Solar Decathlon

What do Team Austria, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Czech Technical University and Stanford have in common? They were all top placing colleges in the Solar Decathlon 2013, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. The competition is open to collegiate teams across the globe and their mission is to design and build a solar […]

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Study Spaces: Private Home Library or Public Library?

When you think about public libraries, what comes to mind? I imagine a space with small nooks for those who need to study, yet it also requires social seating so people can work together on a project. Compare that with visions of a private home library. Now the image shifts. Home libraries are a sanctuary […]

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The Use of Color in Design

Color is a crucial element of architectural design because when applied right, it adds to the energy and feel of a building. Two recent examples of architectural design, which have infused entire spaces with color, are the U Mass Dartmouth Library and the Chesapeake Child Development Center in Oklahoma City. While both facilities are designed […]

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The Social Seat: Seating Design in Academia

Chairs and couches might not be the first things that spring to mind when you think of academic design. However, since campus life involves lecturing, studying, tutoring sessions, and socializing, designing seating conducive to these activities is crucial, as the architects at Diller, Scofidio + Renfro figured out when they forgot to add seating in […]

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