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Respecting the Design of Childrens Spaces From the Classroom to the Play Room

“How can you learn about the world in spaces without character?” This question, posed by Alexandra Lange in, is one we should all consider as schools move further into the realm of generic academic design. Lange wrote her opinion piece while reflecting on the demolition of her elementary school, Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary […]

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Summer is Here! Do you Prefer a Natural Swimming Pool or More Modern?

Summer is here, alright! If you’re like us – work weeks are spent counting down the days until your can spend time in a cool, inviting pool. Pool design is its own niche in the outdoor design world. From natural swimming pools that replicate some of the most gorgeous watering holes found in Mother Nature […]

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Kids on the Climb at the Museum

One of the best things about our job is the ability to remain connected to our creative side. For many adults, this natural inclination is squelched somewhere between elementary and middle schools. So, what fun it is for architects, engineers and builders who get to focus on designing spaces for children. Children’s museums are magical […]

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The Art of Play: Daycare and Youth Facility Design

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy,” but what happens when Jack has all play and no work? That was our experience while designing spaces for children at the Dedham Health and Athletic Complex. Our design incorporated lots of color, an emphasis on Disney-inspired decor and – our favorite part – super […]

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From Chestnut Hill, MA to Miami, FL: The Mashup of Movie Theaters, Restaurants and Lounges

We’re always interested in the blurry zone where architectural design concept rubs up against another. An example of this is the mashup of the hospital and hotel industries. As Oscar night approaches, we thought it would be fun to examine the new mashup trend, or hybridization, taking place in movie theater design. Movie theaters are […]

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Hotels Say Bye to Mini Bars Because Guests are More Social

Hotel design involves paying attention to both big and small details. In addition to structural function, and aesthetics, hotel designers strive to create a home-away-from-home. Then, there are the small details to consider. It turns out that one of the smallest of these details – the hotel mini-bar – is being phased out by hotels […]

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Winter Weather Got You Down? Plan for A Pool!

As we sit here watching the snow and ice, fantasies of warm sunny skies, swimming pools and drinks with colorful umbrellas abound. Instead of feeling guilty about daydreaming, consider them a work in progress, using them to plan your upcoming pool design. You have plenty of time to make your wish list, contact designers and […]

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From Hospital to Hotel: The Richardsonian Redux

Hotel design is a tricky architectural niche. We must find a way to appeal to a general audience, so to speak, while also connecting with individual guests, making them feel at home and special. This same technique has to be applied to senior living design, where yet another element is thrown into the mix – […]

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Digital to Real Life: Architects that Design and Build

The technology era has brought a different type of architect to the forefront of the design world: computer architects. These days, architects in Boston have the ability to work in both the real or the virtual world. To explore the difference in what these different types of architects do, we thought we would take a […]

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Wine Cellars: From Restaurants to Private Homes

Over the past two decades, the gourmet food and wine scene has transcended the classes and is now appreciated by a much wider sector of the population than ever before. Wine cellar design is becoming more prevalent as connoisseurs opt to have top-quality wine storage in their own residences and businesses. Let’s take a look […]

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