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Sustain & Restore: Loreto Bay and Providence Riverwalk, Part II

Welcome back to our two part series on how sustainable restorations have breathed life into two different communities: Loreto Bay, located in Baja, Mexico, and the Waterplace Park and Riverwalk, in Providence, Rhode Island. Read their histories in Part 1. While both waterfront communities suffered from poor development decisions during the 1960s and 70s, they […]

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Sustain & Restore: Loreto Bay and Providence Riverwalk

At first glance, the communities of Loreto Bay, located in Baja, Mexico, and The Providence Riverwalk, in Rhode Island, USA might not seem to have much in common. In fact, both areas were once a pile of concrete and asphalt, offering little commercial or cultural value to their communities. Now, due to the hard work […]

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Restaurant Design: Combining Diversity, Nature and Delectables

Restaurant owners often believe their restaurant design should be upscale to attract a crowd. However, with the right location and an open mind, you can create designs with enough diversity and character to attract foodies galore. The following Boston and Miami restaurants exemplify how creative design will win over “swank” any day. Beach and Harbor […]

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20/20 Campaign Ends With Candlepin

Leslie Saul & Associates celebrated the end of a successful 20/20 Campaign with a celebration at Sacco’s Bowl Haven in Somerville.    LS&A ran a campaign through the LS&A blog and Facebook page to help celebrate 20 years of sharing their vision of good design at work by asking friends and associates for $20 donations to […]

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Sounds Good, Looks Better: Wireless Sound Systems

Pulling apart walls, wires everywhere- there’s no question that installing a wired home sound system used to be quite the hassle. Unfortunately, iPod docking stations, Pandora, and all of the other myriad ways we listen to movies and music now have gotten people used to low sound quality! Fortunately, music lovers who also value good […]

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Bowling Alleys: Striking Architectural Design

Bowling alleys have a distinct ambiance and comforting familiarity for most people. The sounds of a heavy ball rolling along a slick lane and the crash of pins come to mind, but along with the  auditory impression is the classic bowling alley aesthetic- clean lines, vivid colors, and unmistakable retro-1950s modern architectural design. Despite the […]

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Artist Melds Architecture, Installation Art and Play

Toshiko Horiuchi MacAdam is an artist well known for her stunning crocheted installation artworks. We love her use of color, texture and architectural design, so we were excited to see this interview with the artist featured in HuffPo’s Arts & Culture section recently. One of MacAdam’s most famous pieces is the “Woods of Net” pavilion […]

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What Can Magic Tricks Teach Architects and Designers?

As Boston architects and interior designers, we constantly consider the ways people interact with and experience the spaces we create. Architecture and design can change everything from your mood to traffic flow, hopefully for the better. Like any art form, our works are inextricably tied to the perception of those who experience them. So what […]

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Summer is here! Move it!

Summer is here and it’s time to get moving!  Get outside, work in the garden, exercise and go to the gym.  Maybe call your real estate broker?!  Whether you are getting your body in shape, your house in tip-top condition, or your office processes streamlined, June is a good month to start working out. Make […]

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It's All About The Change

“It’s all about the U.” Donna Shalala, President of the University of Miami   This month my son, Tom Saul, will graduate from University of Miami, with a Bachelor’s of Business Administration in Finance.  He already has a job, with the same company with whom he has been interning for the past year while he […]

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