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The Effect of Natural Light on Office Productivity

The architecture of the Pantheon is mesmerizing!¬†While sacred geometry instills a sense of grandeur, the eye is directed upward toward a single opening that floods the awe-inspiring space with light. In addition to letting sunlight in, it keeps what could have been a cavernous¬†building connected to the natural world. This simple ocular feature ensures Pantheon […]

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Design that Encourages Taking a Seat

As architects and designers, our work comes in many forms. Sometimes, we’re called upon to design a space from top-to-bottom and from furnishings to the last stick of furniture. Other times, we’re hired to design a specific furnishing that complements an existing design. Such was the case for Matthias Pliessnig when he was commissioned in […]

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Giving up Office Space to Go Green?

It’s our job to keep up with design/build trends so we were captivated by the headline, The Green Office is no Office at All in JLL Boston’s Blog. We expected a critique of green workplace design, instead we found a brief op-ed about the benefits of moving out of a “real” office and into a […]

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Big Tech Business vs New Incubator Shared Office Spaces

It’s not easy changing paradigms. Most of us leave one set of boundaries for another set, until we find a way to create paradigms of our own. There is no better example of this than tech companies and startups. Big business tech started out the way most big businesses used to get started: suits, ties […]

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Who Has the Coolest Office Space: Google or Facebook?

Given a choice between Google or Facebook, where would you want to work? Before you answer that, you may want to take a look into the digs of two of the most highly sought after employers in the country.We’re pretty sure the office spaces – and all the perks that go along with them – […]

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Employment Back on the Rise but Employers Hold Off on Expansion

While current employment rates are finally moving ahead of where they were pre-recession, the Wall Street Journal reports employers remain skittish about expanding. And, boy – is there room to expand into. The same article cites 142 million square feet of office space was vacated during and after the recession and to date, only about […]

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Office Design: Beauty Over Comfort and Efficiency?

As architects we are artists first. We love beautiful, interesting and unique designs, and we enjoy creating them even more. But, there is a point where function must trump aesthetics, no matter how attractive the vision – and this is certainly the case for modern office design. Every once in a while, we come across […]

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Question: Where's the Quiet?

Collaboration is a buzzword these days; the modern generation’s preference for more group-oriented process has led to some fundamental changes in workplace design. The days of individual offices, or large spaces divided by sound-absorbing cubicles, are quickly disappearing as companies convert their buildings into more open and social work spaces. The downfall to this approach […]

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Furniture and a Source of Energy Too?!

There is an noteworthy relationship between new technology and architectural design. It’s one we’ve commented on before regarding workplace and academic design, among others. Now, take a look at how modern furniture designers are trying to design furniture for the 21st century. Here are three different tables, all of which either harness and/or distribute energy […]

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What are the Top 4 Current Trends in Law Firm Design?

Law firm design is really a series of design niches in one. Unlike other businesses that may have fairly straightforward needs, law firms have to take a serious look at their brand differentiators before they move forward with a redesign. For example, many law firms want to appear hip and modern, which spawned the white […]

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