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What are the Pros and Cons of an Open Work Space?

Private home design isn’t the only place where open floor plans have flourished. Open work spaces are becoming a regular feature in modern office design. They foster a sense of community, facilitate creativity and communication, and help the work space feel more spacious. However, open work spaces also have their share of cons. In this […]

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Lighting and Health: How Dynamic Office Lighting Affects Human Biorhythm

We’re all familiar with the expression, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”. Not too long ago, the majority of humans were naturally early to bed and early to rise since the only light source after sunset required constant fuel sources, which were labor intensive en masse. Now, in […]

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Looking Back on Our Non-Profit Design Projects

Amidst the excitement of the holidays, we enjoy taking time to contemplate the years behind us. This year, Leslie Saul & Associates Architecture and Interiors would like to revisit our work on non-profit design projects. These projects are a way to give back to our Boston community as well as the world at large. Ronald […]

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Office Privacy: Mobile Divider or Mobile Furniture?

Modern workplace design is trending towards more open floor plans to facilitate collaboration and meet the rising interest in shared-office spaces. But what happens when an employee craves a little privacy? While many of us do enjoy bouncing ideas off one another and soliciting input, others prefer a more quiet, isolated environment. How can architects […]

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Meeting Space: Home Office vs Corporate Space

Whether you work from home, or in a more traditional office space, good workplace design needs to incorporate a space where people can meet with one another to pitch proposals, collaborate, and share ideas. Since most of us are social creatures, working at home alone is not usually the best environment for the long term. […]

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A Chain of Workspaces or a Neighborhood Coworking Office?

Examples of shared office and co-working spaces are popping up everywhere. Each workplace design is different, to meet the changing needs of various worker populations. Consider Boston’s Geek Offices. They started back in 2009, transforming 3400 sq. ft. of commercial space into shared office space for start-ups and individuals tired of working at home or […]

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Decorative vs. Functional: Lighting Up the Office with LEDs

Lighting is a critical part of workplace design. It affects every aspect of an interior design, from the way colors are perceived, to the depth of contrast created by light and shadow, but it is also a major source of energy consumption. It’s estimated that as much as 40% of the electricity consumed in the […]

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Being Prepared For The Unthinkable

If you were ever a Boy/Girl Scout, you’re familiar with the motto: Be prepared. This ambiguous two-word maxim encompasses everything from ensuring you have waterproof matches in your first-aid kit to designing buildings and systems prepared for the unthinkable. A routine example of this concept is universal design. As a Boston design firm, we’ve designed […]

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High Tech Seating: The Science and Evolution Behind Modern Task Chair Design

Design is an evolutionary process. The modern office chair, designed to accommodate posture, comfort, flexible working spaces, and aesthetics is one example of workplace design that has come a long way. Here is a little recap of the scientific and evolutionary journey behind modern task chair design. The original environmentalist. Surprise! Muti-purpose furniture is not […]

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The Task Chair: Does the Design or Work Environment Matter Most?

For most of us, an office chair is exactly that – seating specific to a cubicle/desk-oriented job. It should be designed in honor of the “tasks” taking place in those spaces – computer work, phone conversations, and writing/filing. However, the most basic of office tasks, working environments, and the very nature of work has changed […]

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