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Comparing The Similiarities and Differences of a Few Boston Neighborhoods

Even without a tourist pamphlet or the guiding light of a native resident, a walk through Boston neighborhoods tells any first-timer the story of Boston’s rich and diverse history. There is Beacon Hill, which began its development in the late-18th century, where the northern slope was built to house former slaves, sailors and artists. Then […]

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Work Space Design: Choosing Amenities to Keep Your Employees Happy

On average, Americans will spend one-third of their lives working their days away in the office. That’s a lot of time to be stuck at a desk, and companies such as Google have taken steps to make that time a little more enjoyable. To ease the stresses of the day, Google has gone over the […]

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Boston Architecture: Back Bay

While technology and innovation drive architectural designs into previously unexplored realms, architects are also influenced by historic design concepts. Well-preserved historical buildings, like the architecture found in Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood, demonstrate that excellent design stands the test of time. Boston’s Back Bay neighborhood is considered one of the most well-preserved examples of 19th century […]

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Pop Up Museum Highlights Boston Design

There’s an innovative new museum in town here in Boston, and it’s shining a spotlight on the city’s strong design community. If you’re interested in visiting the museum, don’t ask where it is- ask where it is right now. Design Museum Boston was founded three years ago by designers Sam Aquillano and Derek Cascio, who […]

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Structure Takes Center Stage in Israeli Penthouse

We often work with bright color at our Boston architecture and interior design firm, but while we love the drama of well-chosen color, there’s also a certain power in simplicity. Despite our taste for bold palettes, we absolutely love this Israeli penthouse featured on Houzz. Architect Pitsou Kedem was asked to update and redesign a […]

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Design for Glass Museum Expansion Released

We love the understated design for the new addition to the Corning Museum of Glass featured in Architectural Record. Architect Thomas Phifer recently revealed his firm’s design for the $64 million expansion, which is scheduled for completion by 2014. Founded in 1951 by Corning Glass Works and inspired by the Glass Center of the 1939 […]

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Unique Hotel Architecture in Baja Wine Country

Here at our Boston architecture and design firm, we create a wide variety of spaces, both public and private. We have worked on institutional and commercial projects that require common areas, work space, and other accommodations, as well as residential projects ranging from private homes to senior living facilities. Hotels are an interesting subject for […]

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When Art Meets Architecture

Though art and architecture are related fields, architecture usually comes first, while art is used merely as an adornment of the existing space. But what happens when the two intersect? Art and architecture are becoming increasingly integrated, with stunning results. The Architects Newspaper recently featured a project that is a fantastic embodiment of this trend- […]

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Starbucks Commits to Creativity and Green Design for New Stores

Ubiquitous coffee retailer Starbucks has always been innovative, but now they are changing things up once again with a new commitment to the design of their stores. The chain has promised to earn LEED certification for all of its new stores, and is experimenting with more unique, site-specific architecture. One Starbucks location used to look […]

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Phoenix Children's Hospital Embodies Playful Green Design

“Going green” is often maligned as a fad, but more and more hospitals are starting to understand that green building principles are better for their bottom line- and their patients. At our Cambridge architecture firm, we are passionate about green design and love to incorporate fun, playful elements and bright colors into our architecture and […]

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