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Guggenheim Museum Gets A Fantastic New Addition

The American Institute of Architects just featured a stunning project that we had to share- The Wright, a new restaurant at the Guggenheim Museum. The Guggenheim is a classic New York architectural icon, one of the most well-known and loved of all Frank Lloyd Wright’s creations. The architect tasked with creating the first ever addition […]

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Pixelated LEGO Interior

What gives a space personality? Whether it’s a color scheme, choice of material, juxtaposition of styles, or something altogether different, incorporating an unexpected element sets an architectural or design project apart. At our Boston architecture firm, we try to push the envelope and create spaces that encourage creativity, and we love seeing projects where other […]

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Florida Workforce Housing

In our last post we explored the world of workforce housing, from Boston’s early 20th century triple deckers to a brand new lodge in the shale fields of Texas.  For another look at what’s current in the world of workforce housing, check out this great project featured on Multi Housing News– a Tampa workforce housing […]

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Workforce Housing: Then and Now

We came across an interesting news item that got us thinking about workforce housing. The item discussed the recently opened Carrizo Springs Lodge in the Eagle Ford Shale formation of southeast Texas, created by Target Logistics (America’s largest provider of turnkey workforce housing) to accommodate the growing need for oilfield workers in the area. The […]

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Beirut Apartments Win WAN Award

World Architecture News recently announced the winners for their Residential and House of the Year WAN Awards for 2011, and there were some great projects. The winner for the Unbuilt category was particularly interesting. Aptly named the Beirut Observatory, this residential tower would be situated near Beirut’s Ring Highway, overlooking the city center, Martyrs Square, […]

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Dynamic Car Park Design

We recently asked “Can architects solve the parking problem?,” a pressing question regarding one of our biggest infrastructure problems here in the US. Parking lots now spread across 3,590 square miles, an area greater than that of Delaware and Rhode Island combined (NYT)! In addition to the obvious aesthetic problems this creates, there are environmental […]

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Innovative Rhode Island Community Combines Best of Old and New Urbanism

At Leslie Saul & Associates, our architecture and design firm is located near Boston, in the historic town of Cambridge, so we’re no strangers to traditional New England design. If you’re familiar with New England, you are probably also familiar with “Old Urbanism,” a community planning philosophy and style seen in the classic New England […]

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Forget Minimalism; Blakes Brings on the Opulence

If you’ve been following Leslie Saul & Associates on our blog, you probably know by now that we get a little, well, bored of minimalism. We love exciting, imaginative design, no matter what style or genre it happens to fall under. So when we came across a London hotel that pours on the opulence while […]

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Barcelona Sports Center

At Leslie Saul & Associates, we have worked on many institutional, religious, corporate, and academic architecture projects, and we know the importance of well-designed communal spaces. It’s always nice to see public buildings that combine function with great design, and Alvaro Siza’s Barcelona sports facility is a perfect example. The Llogregat Sports Centre in Cornella […]

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Communities Come Together to Create Unique Park Spaces

An unfortunate effect of the recession has been a lack of funding for public parks, but according to the American Institute of Architects, that’s not stopping communities all over the country from creating unique parks from the ruins of bygone industry. These groups are championing some fantastic projects that show just how important good urban […]

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