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The New Sketchbooks: Architecture Apps

Until recently, meeting with clients met bringing sketchpad, pencils, erasers, and other architectural design toys to draw as the client and/or architect(s) brainstorm. Now, architecture apps have reinvented the wheel, making it easy to create and share ideas/plans with nary a traditional sketchpad in sight. Here are some of our favorite apps. Sketchbook Mobile. One […]

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Congratulations, Pittsburgh 2030 District, You're Half Way There!

For the most part, the green design movement has been grass roots-based. Only recently have municipalities begun to jump on the bandwagon to get involved. That’s why it was so exciting when Pittsburgh 2030 District announced its goal to have 100% of its downtown property owners commit to reducing water usage, and energy and transportation […]

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Architecture Firm Makes the Creative Process a Public Collaboration

The best architects are those who collaborate with their clients to understand the “why” of the project before they jump in to the “what” of the project. They explain what they do and how they do it. They help clients manage their expectations and push them gently to become fellow visionaries. That’s how we do […]

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Endangered Design Species: Is the Reference Library Obsolete?

Think of a reference library, and what comes to mind? For most people the term evokes hushed silence, dusty stacks, and above all, orderliness. One thing most of us don’t associate with libraries is cutting-edge design and technology. When it comes to library design, architects must consider the flow of traffic from reference desks to […]

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Bowling Alleys: Striking Architectural Design

Bowling alleys have a distinct ambiance and comforting familiarity for most people. The sounds of a heavy ball rolling along a slick lane and the crash of pins come to mind, but along with the  auditory impression is the classic bowling alley aesthetic- clean lines, vivid colors, and unmistakable retro-1950s modern architectural design. Despite the […]

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2012 Home Design Trends

 The American Institute of Architects polls architects and designers on a quarterly basis and compiles a report to show variances in design trends throughout the year.  Outlined below is a summary of the most recent report through the second quarter of 2012: Across the board, people are placing emphasis on sustainable products that are low-maintenance […]

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Contemporary Architecture at the Olympics: London Aquatic Centre

The London 2012 Olympics will be winding down this weekend, but there’s still plenty of action to enjoy from now until Sunday! In addition to the edge-of-our-seats excitement of the events themselves, we’ve thoroughly enjoyed exploring the architecture and design that the Games have spawned. Fortunately for us, (and our fellow design lovers) many of […]

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Olympic Architecture Inspired by Historical Infrastructure

The London Olympic Games are in full swing, and there has been much talk of the Olympic architecture, especially high-profile venues like the stadium, aquatic center, and velodrome. But the large, flashy Olympic buildings are only part of the architectural story of the London Olympics. The American Institute of Architects has a great article about […]

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What Can Magic Tricks Teach Architects and Designers?

As Boston architects and interior designers, we constantly consider the ways people interact with and experience the spaces we create. Architecture and design can change everything from your mood to traffic flow, hopefully for the better. Like any art form, our works are inextricably tied to the perception of those who experience them. So what […]

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Structure Takes Center Stage in Israeli Penthouse

We often work with bright color at our Boston architecture and interior design firm, but while we love the drama of well-chosen color, there’s also a certain power in simplicity. Despite our taste for bold palettes, we absolutely love this Israeli penthouse featured on Houzz. Architect Pitsou Kedem was asked to update and redesign a […]

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