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Bringing the Outside In: Nature-Inspired Materials for Interior Design

A connection with nature is a source of peace and inspiration for many, which explains why nature-inspired designs remain a popular choice for homeowners who want to bring the outdoors in. Modern technology has allowed design companies and manufacturers to produce innovative materials that evoke the organic forms of natural materials, often with added durability […]

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Color Trends to Watch in 2013

Most people want their homes and businesses to look nice, but are often confused on how exactly to achieve an attractive end result. No matter how well-intentioned, amateur remodels, impulsive furniture purchases, and confused color decisions can end up creating a hodge-podge space that lacks cohesion. Fortunately, a professional designer can help you pull it […]

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Pink Adds Zing To Any Color Palette

Pink may have been used for generations of little girls rooms (see the image below of a girl’s room in one of LS&A’s projects), but now it’s time to move it out of the bedroom and into the mainstream.  Pink is so unexpected in adult spaces, that it has high impact.   LS&A has used […]

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Serving Up Style

Just as we finish the Halloween candy and put away the ghouls and carved pumpkins, we turn our thoughts to the next holiday on the calendar.    Of course,  we are talking about Thanksgiving.  Setting the table is such a big part of setting the mood for the feast.   How do you set your […]

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Energy Star Disclosures Affect Rental Housing

It’s well known that more and more people are choosing to build or buy green homes, focusing on energy efficiency, sustainable materials, and the environmental impact of the home’s design and construction. But according to recent reports, green building labels are also a huge success in the multi-family housing industry. In a recent post, Dan […]

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Cohousing and Community Redefine the Aging Experience

At a time when resources for seniors are being whittled away and older members of society fear for what their later years will look like, two movements are helping to redefine the aging experience in positive ways- cohousing and senior villages. We recently stumbled upon this article on Shareable, and it’s a great overview of […]

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Design for Seniors Must Balance Sensitivity and Practicality

At our Cambridge architecture and design firm, we have worked on a number of senior care projects. The field of design for seniors is extremely interesting- and challenging- because there are so many factors that must be taken into account. (Visit our portfolio on Behance to see some great examples of senior living facilities we […]

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Structure Takes Center Stage in Israeli Penthouse

We often work with bright color at our Boston architecture and interior design firm, but while we love the drama of well-chosen color, there’s also a certain power in simplicity. Despite our taste for bold palettes, we absolutely love this Israeli penthouse featured on Houzz. Architect Pitsou Kedem was asked to update and redesign a […]

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America's Most Endangered Historic Architecture

We often focus on the newest architectural developments here on the blog, but today we’re taking a look at older architecture. The National Trust for Historic Preservation recently released their 2012 list of America’s 11 Most Endangered Historic Places. The NTHP has put out this list annually for 25 years in order to draw attention […]

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Pixelated LEGO Interior

What gives a space personality? Whether it’s a color scheme, choice of material, juxtaposition of styles, or something altogether different, incorporating an unexpected element sets an architectural or design project apart. At our Boston architecture firm, we try to push the envelope and create spaces that encourage creativity, and we love seeing projects where other […]

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