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Pop Up Museum Highlights Boston Design

There’s an innovative new museum in town here in Boston, and it’s shining a spotlight on the city’s strong design community. If you’re interested in visiting the museum, don’t ask where it is- ask where it is right now. Design Museum Boston was founded three years ago by designers Sam Aquillano and Derek Cascio, who […]

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Can Architects Solve the Parking Problem?

A recent article in the New York Times delves into one of the biggest design challenges our country faces- what do with all these cars! It’s generally understood that we need to be breaking away from our over-dependence on individual vehicles in favor of increased and improved mass transit options, but let’s be honest- cars […]

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Klout Stirs Up a Social Media Controversy

An innovative new company is making waves in the social media world, and the Boston Business Journal has a great article on the phenomenon. Klout is a San Fransisco-based startup that has garnered over 1 million users, but some companies say the algorithm Klout uses to gauge online influence oversimplifies the complicated world of social […]

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Fantasy Comes to Life in These Three Unusual Homes

One of the most rewarding parts of the work we do here at Leslie Saul & Associates is working closely with clients to make their dream homes or decors come to life. We’ve never had to work with actual fantasies to create real homes, but that’s exactly what the architects had to work with in […]

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Red, White and Blue by the Numbers

At Leslie Saul & Associates, we deal every day with specifications, building codes, dimensions and so forth. It’s what you might call the “hard side” of architecture and interior design– the numbers that make a beautiful, functional and comfortable space possible. We deal with the hard side in almost everything we do, include choosing and […]

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Don't Work in a Box: Four Ways to Make Your Cubicle Yours

We do a lot of corporate projects here at Lesile Saul & Associates. This includes setting up attractive, efficient and comfortable spaces that support work and collaboration in the office. We often bring in modular walls and cubicle work spaces to make the office design cost effective and flexible. But once you have your cubicle, […]

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Celebrate Take Your Dog to Work Day

We noticed an event on the national calendar that we hadn’t be aware of, and it’s one we heartily endorse– Take Your Dog to Work Day. We miss our office dog Koko, who was a loyal, amusing and sometimes even a comforting presence at Leslie Saul & Associates for many years. Koko’s still around, enjoying […]

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Will Barbie Inspire Girls to Become Architects?

Barbie, the impossibly proportioned woman, and most famous person of plastic in the world, has held many jobs in her 52 years of existence. She’s been a fashion model, a ballerina, an astronaut, an flight attendant AND a pilot, a McDonald’s cashier and a surgeon. One could pretty much trace the expanding possibilities for little […]

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Two Pool House Designs: One Rustic, One Sleek

It has been said that the only thing better than having a swimming pool in the backyard is having a neighbor with a pool in his backyard. But in either case, the enjoyment of the pool is greatly enhanced with even a simple pool house. It’s a place to store the pool toys and other […]

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Flexible Office Design With Demountable Walls

There was a day when buildings were designed a certain way, and that’s the way they’d be configured until the end of time. No one ever thought of turning the Great Pyramids of Giza into condos, or setting aside some retail space in the Parthenon. But for better or worse, these days, flexibility and cost […]

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