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Respecting the Design of Childrens Spaces From the Classroom to the Play Room

“How can you learn about the world in spaces without character?” This question, posed by Alexandra Lange in dezeen.com, is one we should all consider as schools move further into the realm of generic academic design. Lange wrote her opinion piece while reflecting on the demolition of her elementary school, Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary […]

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Big Tech Business vs New Incubator Shared Office Spaces

It’s not easy changing paradigms. Most of us leave one set of boundaries for another set, until we find a way to create paradigms of our own. There is no better example of this than tech companies and startups. Big business tech started out the way most big businesses used to get started: suits, ties […]

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How Can We Make Hospitals Easier to Navigate?

Being lost conjures feelings of fear, isolation, abandonment and helplessness. So, it’s a shame when institutions that are supposed to be helping and healing,┬ásenior care facilities and hospitals come to mind, are difficult to navigate. Uniform wall and floor colors, hallways upon hallway and minimal signage can make it easy for the able-bodied and minded […]

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