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Are Modern Homes Really Liveable?

So what gives with all these modern home designs involving lots of concrete, steel, and minimal white and colorless decor? Is this how people really live? If you have a normal life, and/or children, the term “minimalism” might set you on edge, as you wonder how on earth you can maintain that kind of existence […]

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Custom Rugs Add Color, Pattern, Texture to Interiors

Last Thursday we had the opportunity to visit with Anna Patterson, project manager at angela adams. Anna gave us a wonderful introduction to angela adams rugs. These rugs are so much more than just functional floor coverings–they’re an artist’s 3-dimensional interpretation of nature, expressed in unique color, pattern, and texture through textiles.   Rugs this […]

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Design Icon We Love: Vernor Panton's Cone Chairs

Happy Valentine’s Day, friends! In the true hearts-and-flowers spirit of the occasion, let’s take a look at a famous chair to set any design lover’s heart racing- the Verner Panton Heart Cone Chair. This iconic chair comes in a wide range of colors, but we’re partial to bright red, which matches the heart shape perfectly. […]

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Design Goes Digital with Pixel Trend

Remember the 8-bit era of video gaming – back when Nintendo’s Super Mario Bros was all the rage? Try playing an original 8-bit game today and it’s hard not to focus on how rudimentary those pixelated graphics are! But while we may not relish that low-res look when it comes to our personal electronics, pixels […]

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Architecture That Plays with Light and Color

Here on the Leslie Saul & Associates blog, we’ve discussed the use of both light and color in architecture extensively. We recently came across this academic architecture project that was featured in Architectural Lighting, and just had to share it with our readers. Take a look at the Ryerson Image Center at Ryerson University in […]

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Structure Takes Center Stage in Israeli Penthouse

We often work with bright color at our Boston architecture and interior design firm, but while we love the drama of well-chosen color, there’s also a certain power in simplicity. Despite our taste for bold palettes, we absolutely love this Israeli penthouse featured on Houzz. Architect Pitsou Kedem was asked to update and redesign a […]

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Skyspace Makes Room for Color

If you haven’t noticed yet, we love color here at Leslie Saul & Associates! Our Boston architecture and design firm is all about thoughtful design that uses color and space to set the mood or communicate an idea. When we saw the James Turrell skyspace at Houston’s Rice University featured on Architectural Record, we were […]

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Unintended Consequences in Architecture

The New York Times recently ran an interesting- and heartbreaking- story about the unintended consequences of architecture. The Nasher Sculpture Center in Dallas, designed by architect Renzo Piano, was supposed to be a boon to the Dallas Arts District, housing one of the world’s leading collections of Modern and contemporary sculpture. Despite being aggressively courted […]

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Phoenix Children's Hospital Embodies Playful Green Design

“Going green” is often maligned as a fad, but more and more hospitals are starting to understand that green building principles are better for their bottom line- and their patients. At our Cambridge architecture firm, we are passionate about green design and love to incorporate fun, playful elements and bright colors into our architecture and […]

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Guggenheim Museum Gets A Fantastic New Addition

The American Institute of Architects just featured a stunning project that we had to share- The Wright, a new restaurant at the Guggenheim Museum. The Guggenheim is a classic New York architectural icon, one of the most well-known and loved of all Frank Lloyd Wright’s creations. The architect tasked with creating the first ever addition […]

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