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Buyers Remorse for a Green Home?

While green design is touted across the design and build spectrum as the wave of the future, the real proof is in the proverbial pudding; it’s only in the last decade that homeowners have had the chance to evaluate whether their decision to build – or buy – a green home was worth the extra […]

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Affordable Net-Zero Energy Homes?!

Does the term “affordable net-zero energy home” seem like an oxymoron to you? Don’t be afraid to be green!¬†One of the drawbacks to green design is that it can be more costly than traditional design and build methods. Fortunately, we know that the payback time for green initiatives is getting shorter and shorter as technology […]

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The 2013 Solar Decathlon

What do Team Austria, University of Nevada Las Vegas, Czech Technical University and Stanford have in common? They were all top placing colleges in the Solar Decathlon 2013, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy. The competition is open to collegiate teams across the globe and their mission is to design and build a solar […]

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Expand the Inside…Out: Angled, Box & Modern Bay Windows

As architects, it’s our job to design homes with multiple goals in mind, including aesthetics, function, and energy efficiency. Window design is one facet of the process in which all three come into play. Bay windows allow homeowners to add a beautiful exterior and interior aesthetic, while gaining interior square footage and enhancing daylighting, which […]

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Old Building Materials Made New

Forget about a green design with a carbon neutral footprint; you can achieve a negative carbon footprint by using innovative building materials. Negative carbon footprints occur when the CO2 stored in building materials exceeds the CO used to manufacture them. So, what are these innovative building materials? Seaweed and wood! Seaweed was a common building […]

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How True Do Architecture Trends Ring For You?

The American Institute of Architects (AIA) published the results of recent surveys, designed to study current trends in architectural design. LS&A was proud to be one of the firms they surveyed. One of the trends the AIA noticed was that today’s homeowners are willing to sacrifice lot size in order to take advantage of a […]

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