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Library Architecture and Design Reflects Changing Attitudes

The Cambridge Public Library’s central branch, not all that far from the Leslie Saul & Associates offices, is a prime example of how architecture reflects changing attitudes toward access to information and inclusiveness. The library is in two sections– the original granite and brick Romanesque “castle” completed in 1888, and the beautiful glass and steel […]

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Fantasy Comes to Life in These Three Unusual Homes

One of the most rewarding parts of the work we do here at Leslie Saul & Associates is working closely with clients to make their dream homes or decors come to life. We’ve never had to work with actual fantasies to create real homes, but that’s exactly what the architects had to work with in […]

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Despite Alternatives, LEED Remains the Gold Standard in Green Building Certification

There is no question of the success the U.S. Green Building Council has had with its LEED green building certification program. It not only helped make environmentally friendly building design popular, but with its standardized criteria, it also has had a lot to do with making green design viable in the first place. But some developers and […]

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June Achievements

June has been quite a month for graduations in the Boston area.  Congratulations to our clients, the Kaufers and the Howes for their four graduations this month! Congratulations to their contractor, Steven and Leslie Doucette for their son’s valedictorian prize at his graduation from eighth grade. These kids and their parents have worked hard and […]

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Don't Work in a Box: Four Ways to Make Your Cubicle Yours

We do a lot of corporate projects here at Lesile Saul & Associates. This includes setting up attractive, efficient and comfortable spaces that support work and collaboration in the office. We often bring in modular walls and cubicle work spaces to make the office design cost effective and flexible. But once you have your cubicle, […]

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Barbie Holds Design Competition for Her Dream Home

Architects seldom design with the stipulation of including a giraffe pen in the project. But if that’s what the client wants, that’s what you have to do. Especially when your client is a world famous celebrity. Leslie wrote here recently about the rather serious and hopeful implications of Barbie taking up architecture. We’re talking about […]

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Summer is here! Move it!

Summer is here and it’s time to get moving!  Get outside, work in the garden, exercise and go to the gym.  Maybe call your real estate broker?!  Whether you are getting your body in shape, your house in tip-top condition, or your office processes streamlined, June is a good month to start working out. Make […]

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Is a Double Dip Becoming More Likely?

Via:   The Curious Capitalist In the past few weeks, with a growing number of bad economic reports – including last month’s disappointing jobs number – there has been increasing talk of the possibility of a so-called double-dip recession. That’s when the economy slips back into a recession while still trying to recover from the last […]

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Architects Must Consider the Humans Who Will Inhabit Their Structures

When it comes to architecture, especially in high-profile, award winning projects, we’re often impressed by the big picture. But it’s the details, the smaller scale issues, that create the actual user experience. In the June edition of Architectural Record, critic John King took a “Second Look” at Thomas Mayne’s San Francisco Federal Building (SFFB). His […]

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Growth and Assurance

We’re so proud of the clients who have started businesses, and grown them into companies with real value.  Over the next few weeks we will share with you some of our clents’ stories of growth and show you some images of their spaces over time.  Plymouth Rock Assurance Corporation: Founded in 1983 by 3 partners: […]

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