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Another Green Rating System?

You’re familiar with the expression, “Too many chiefs and not enough Indians?” It can certainly feel that way when it comes to green design and certification programs as they are many and varied. However, there is one of these “add-ons” that we’re happy to see building momentum, and that is the GreenFaith Leadership Program. Unlike […]

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Hobbit Houses and Contemporary Green Architecture

Have you been to see The Hobbit yet? J.R.R. Tolkien’s classic fantasy novel recently hit theaters, and we just can’t get that adorable “hobbit hole” out of our heads! With the cozy in-hill construction and charming craftsmanship of Bag End on our minds, we couldn’t help but draw a connection when we came across this […]

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A Tale of Two Compounds: Facebook vs. The Pentagon

Can a massive, low office building be attractive? Facebook’s new corporate headquarters, designed by Frank Gehry, is not only the largest open-plan office in the world, it is also quite attractive. A rooftop garden and whimsical forms provide Facebook staffers relief from computer screens. When looking over the plans for the new Facebook office, we […]

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GREEN TIP TUESDAY: Time To Get The Sweaters On

Here we are in mid October and the Autumn weather is truly settling in.   We all try to resist putting the heat on until November 1st, but sometimes the chill in the air when we wake up in the morning is just too much for our cold little toes. It’s time to get the slippers […]

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Indoor-Outdoor Living in Commercial Architecture

The hit trend at the World Architecture Festival was indoor-outdoor living in commercial structures. Notable buildings in many nations brought the outdoors in with creative designs. Here is a look at spaces that re-define the relationship between the natural and built environments. Vietnam. Vo Trong Nghia Architects maximized a narrow plot of land with a slender building […]

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Abandoned Walmart Turned into Award-Winning Library

A town in Texas turned an abandoned Walmart into a people-friendly, award-winning library. The space serves as a community center and incorporates three great design ideals — reuse, recycle, and regenerate.   The 124,500 square foot space located in McAllen, TX, was broken down into smaller areas that feel more comfortable for the library patrons.   […]

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View Our Portfolio on RISD's Website!

It is a pleasure for us to have our portfolio on RISD’s website. Leslie Saul earned her Bachelor’s of Architecture, Fine Arts and Architecture at Rhode Island School of Design and enjoys her continued involvement with the college. The portfolio covers the range of our work, covering various design disciplines. Academic projects. Our university projects, […]

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Energy Star Disclosures Affect Rental Housing

It’s well known that more and more people are choosing to build or buy green homes, focusing on energy efficiency, sustainable materials, and the environmental impact of the home’s design and construction. But according to recent reports, green building labels are also a huge success in the multi-family housing industry. In a recent post, Dan […]

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Das Haus Showcases Innovative German Engineering

Cambridge design fans, don’t miss out on Das Haus Tour! The German engineering showcase/traveling pavilion is here in Cambridge on its North American tour, providing an inside look at some impressive German innovations in home construction and solar energy. These advanced technologies offer a vision of sustainable construction and energy savings, so if you are […]

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Cross-Laminated Timber Takes Green Building Technology to New Heights

At Leslie Saul & Associates, we are not only LEED Accredited Professionals, but our Boston architecture firm is also a member of the US Green Building Council. We are committed to bringing great design together with sustainable, environmentally friendly techniques, so we always keep an eye on the latest green building products and technology. Recently, […]

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