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State of Expert Architects: Massachusetts

As one of the architectural capitals of the US, Massachusetts has established itself as a well-known metropolis for Modernist Architecture. Housing Harvard University’s famous School of Design, many renowned and historical figures of the architect world have made their mark on Massachusetts’ architecture industry, especially in Cambridge. Modernist Architecture arose with the help of a […]

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An invitation to Waltham Open Studios

An invitation from our good friend (and client),  Lyn Christiansen, a talented artist in textiles, stone and tile: We would very much enjoy seeing you at the 2011 Waltham Mills Open Art Studios! November 5th and 6th, Saturday (Noon – 6 pm) and Sunday (Noon – 5 pm)  Lyn’s Studio is located on the second floor of […]

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Let there be Light!

February is the month during which we’re craving more light.  Although the days are getting longer, Spring can’t come soon enough.  The snow, shoveled into piles that hover seven feet high above our driveway, have been demoralizing.  Today the sun made an appearance, making the snow dazzlingly bright.  The high light reflectance off the snow […]

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