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Why the Home Office is Now a Classroom

The trend towards online learning continues to move forward, full steam ahead! This means the home office is now doing double duty. Whether you have children at home who use the internet on a regular basis for homework and school projects, or you are the one taking advantage of online classes, your home office design […]

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From Private Home to Public Museum

There is something intriguing about private homes that become public museums. They allow the opportunity to travel back in time, viewing life as others lived it. Two examples of historical architecture that have been preserved as public museums are the Jackson Homestead and Museum in Newton, MA and the Vizcaya Museum and Gardens in Miami. […]

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Where Would the Kid in You Love to Live?

What better time of year to get in touch with your inner-child than Halloween, when we get to relive our childhood and live in the magic of “pretend.” So, let’s participate in the magic of childhood for a moment, and envision our dream homes as we would have back then. Perhaps one of these homes […]

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What is Organic Architecture?

Some people prefer the traditional architecture of a Victorian bungalow, and some people prefer the ultra modern architecture of a glass house. But one type of architecture bridges both styles. It is called organic architecture. Inspired by nature, it can feel warm and cozy, and it can feel modern. The term organic architecture was actually […]

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The 2013 AIA COTE Awards

Each year, the American Institute of Architects Committee on the Environment (AIA COTE) announces its awards for newly constructed buildings exemplifying a holistic approach to green design. Their criteria include technology, innovation, and the ability to blend with the surrounding community. Here are some of our favorites from┬áthe Top 10 List. The Yin Yang House. […]

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