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Dress Your Bedroom to be Luxurious, Smooth and Sexy

As architects who design private homes, our goal is to create sanctuaries of a sort. The bedroom is especially important because it is the place where you go to get away, relax and unwind from the stresses of everyday life. Once the plans are complete, builders have cleaned up the last of the sawdust and […]

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Give the Bedroom a Splash of Happy with Soothing Colors

Bedroom interior design can be tricky. By day, the modern bedroom may be a functional place where laundry is sorted, books are read and a home office space is tucked into a corner. By night the bedroom is where we go to shut the door on the rest of the world, relax and (hopefully!) get […]

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Summer is Here! Do you Prefer a Natural Swimming Pool or More Modern?

Summer is here, alright! If you’re like us – work weeks are spent counting down the days until your can spend time in a cool, inviting pool. Pool design is its own niche in the outdoor design world. From natural swimming pools that replicate some of the most gorgeous watering holes found in Mother Nature […]

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Are Reading Rooms Still Relevant?

As the number of eReaders continue to skyrocket – more than doubling since 2010 – a new wave of scientific and psychological study is taking place, evaluating how digital reading differs from paper-based reading. From slower and more methodical reading to interruptions of our circadian rhythm, there are pro-and-con arguments for both mediums. As architects, […]

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