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Furniture and a Source of Energy Too?!

There is an noteworthy relationship between new technology and architectural design. It’s one we’ve commented on before regarding workplace and academic design, among others. Now, take a look at how modern furniture designers are trying to design furniture for the 21st century. Here are three different tables, all of which either harness and/or distribute energy […]

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How is the Physical Classroom Space Evolving in the 21st Century?

We’ve written before about technological advances driving architectural changes, and the academic arena is a prime example of this. As more and more students leave the classroom environment for online learning opportunities, and teaching styles shift from individual to group-oriented methods, academic design must be able to accommodate these changes. Here are some of the […]

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The New Sketchbooks: Architecture Apps

Until recently, meeting with clients met bringing sketchpad, pencils, erasers, and other architectural design toys to draw as the client and/or architect(s) brainstorm. Now, architecture apps have reinvented the wheel, making it easy to create and share ideas/plans with nary a traditional sketchpad in sight. Here are some of our favorite apps. Sketchbook Mobile. One […]

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Rising Technology:Turning Surfaces into a Touch Screen

It seems we are on the cusp of entering the Jetsonian or Trekie lifestyle we’ve imagined since we were kids. Though the incarnations may be slightly different, rising technology makes seemingly impossible things entirely possible. The newest innovations happening at Microsoft, Fujitsu, and other IT/tech companies are transforming the way we behave, and will require […]

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Sounds Good, Looks Better: Wireless Sound Systems

Pulling apart walls, wires everywhere- there’s no question that installing a wired home sound system used to be quite the hassle. Unfortunately, iPod docking stations, Pandora, and all of the other myriad ways we listen to movies and music now have gotten people used to low sound quality! Fortunately, music lovers who also value good […]

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Architecture Worth Saving?

Residents and preservationists are clashing with Wayne State University over the fate of an Albert Kahn-designed building, begging the question: When is architecture worth saving? The American Beauty Electric Iron building, a former factory in Detroit’s Midtown, is set to be demolished by WSU in order to create a “staging area” for construction vehicles and […]

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Steven Jobs Influence Touched us All

We wanted to share this editorial by Steven Revkin from the New York Times reflecting on the wisdom and influence of Steven Jobs: If you’re not among the 6 million or so people who’ve listened to or read Steve Jobs’ 2005 commencement speech at Stanford University — a year after he was diagnosed with cancer […]

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