Hobbit Houses and Contemporary Green Architecture

contemporary green architecture

Have you been to see The Hobbit yet? J.R.R. Tolkien's classic fantasy novel recently hit theaters, and we just can't get that adorable "hobbit hole" out of our heads! With the cozy in-hill construction and charming craftsmanship of Bag End on our minds, we couldn't help but draw a connection when we came across this unique structure on Inhabitat. The … [Read more...]

Cross-Laminated Timber Takes Green Building Technology to New Heights


At Leslie Saul & Associates, we are not only LEED Accredited Professionals, but our Boston architecture firm is also a member of the US Green Building Council. We are committed to bringing great design together with sustainable, environmentally friendly techniques, so we always keep an eye on the latest green building products and … [Read more...]

Going Green: Retrofits vs New Construction


Green design is here to stay, and people are becoming more aware than ever before of the environmental impact made by homes, schools, offices, and other buildings. With so many exciting developments in energy efficient, sustainable, and otherwise green building techniques and materials, it is tempting to call for the replacement of the old, inefficient … [Read more...]

Intellectuals in Politics and Design


I recently read a great opinion piece in the New York Times called "Intellectuals and Politics," by Notre Dame philosophy professor Gary Gutting. Gutting discusses the value and danger of common sense, and the need for candidates to be able to have a dialogue with experts and then synthesize what those experts can offer. As the article points out, these … [Read more...]

Despite Alternatives, LEED Remains the Gold Standard in Green Building Certification

It's hard to beat the prestige of a LEED plaque on your building.

There is no question of the success theĀ U.S. Green Building Council has had with its LEED green building certification program. It not only helped make environmentally friendly building design popular, but with its standardized criteria, it also has had a lot to do with making green design viable in the first place. But someĀ developers and architects and … [Read more...]

Let the Sun Light the Space

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We've talked here about how light really sets the tone for an interior space. Light has the power to energize or comfort. And even if the lighting of a space isn't the main visual element, it's the light that carries the colors and textures of the space to your eye. The very dynamic use of light-- much of it from the sun-- is what sets the headquarters of … [Read more...]